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Elaine Barrish's Biggest Headlines

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    The Washington Globe Magazine has become famous for its satirical covers which, since its inception, have featured caricatures of the leading social, political and entertainment issues of the time. Here, we've collected our favorite – and most infamous – caricatures featuring Secretary of State Elaine Barrish, all drawn by artist Steve Brodner.

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  • All the President's Women

    In the midst of the Hammond Sex Scandals, Susan Berg appeared on the Globe's Op-Ed page. Berg quickly became notorious for her scathing critique of the Hammonds' conduct surrounding the scandal. A year later, the columns would win her a Pulitzer.

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  • Keeping It All in the Family

    It didn't take long after Elaine announced her run for President for the Globe to speculate about the Hammonds' balance of power. We had seen the husband-wife team play many different parts together, but never had Elaine been the true focus of attention...

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  • Who's in the Hot Seat?

    Only months into Elaine's term as Secretary of State, the Globe mused about her influence over President Garcetti, going as far to suggest that Elaine's State Department would quickly became the de facto executive wing.

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Steve Brodner has illustrated many famous covers for the Washington Globe over the years. After getting his BFA at Cooper Union, Brodner began illustrating for The New York Times Book Review in 1977. From 1979-1982 he published his own journal, The New York Illustrated News. Meanwhile, he was also a regular contributor to Harper’s Magazine [“Ars Politica”], National Lampoon, Sports Illustrated, Playboy and has been a regular contributor to The New Yorker for over 20 years. In 1988, Brodner became Esquire’s unofficial house artist, working on portrait caricature, art journalism and the back page political cartoon “Adversaria.” Brodner has directed films for PBS and The New Yorker and has also published several books. He currently continues his work as a freelance illustrator, contributing to major US publications, and blogs regularly at “Brodner’s Bicycle.”